Who We Are

And what binds our extended family together

We're software people. Our speed, efficiency, and technical superiority give competitive advantage to our clients and partners.

We have 100+ years of combined experience building enterprise-grade platforms and bringing software products to market. We've been founders and developers at venture-backed startups and worked in Fortune 50 companies.

Our organization and ethos are inspired by the craftsmanship and egalitarianism of a medieval artisans' guild. We aspire to do right by our members, delight our patrons, and leave behind sturdy, elegant software systems that give every client a competitive advantage.

1043 Labs
"Working with 1043 Labs is like having an in-house development team of the highest standards. Not only do they understand the rigorous technical diligence that is required for a high availability, big-data, real-time SaaS product, but they also get that this is a business that requires the product cost and ongoing maintenance to match the investment and revenue numbers of a startup." - Chris Kraft, CEO, Share Rocket, Inc.