How We Help

Our #1 goal is that you succeed

Have you ever tried to find, hire, manage, motivate, and retain a productive team of Software Engineers?

It's not easy, the effort and expense are enormous, and the outcome is still uncertain. You can skip those steps. We'll be your team.

For Investors & Startups

For Investors & Startups

Install 1043 Labs as your complete, plug-and-play Engineering team, or to extend your existing technical team. We can scope, prototype, and commercialize your product, quickly and efficiently, without cutting corners.

Typical Pain Points
  1. We have a great idea but no clear idea how to move forward; or
  2. We have a great idea, but very limited engineering resources.

In such a scenario, starting with a basic premise for a new product, we can work with you to bring an idea from brainstorm to reality. We can provide software engineering and technical guidance at each step along the path from start-up to commercial operation: business model, corporate structure, industry research and competitive analysis, platform architecture, internal tooling, DevOps infrastructure, UX design, rapid prototyping, full-stack software development, technical staffing strategies, and road map development.

In a "CTO + Engineering in a Box" engagement model, 1043 Labs moves a full Engineering team into place, with a de facto CTO, expanding and contracting technical resources as dictated by the development timeline.

"Given the challenging nature of the product we planned to develop, we looked at several firms that could potentially meet the demands. From the very beginning of the process, 1043 Labs stood out as a clear leader. Their technical expertise along with their culture were a great fit. Working closely together, we built a high volume, high ability, API driven cloud based architecture that can scale as we grow our business. I'm glad to say that we've found a true partner to work with and look forward to continuing the partnership as we evolve as a company."
- Brian Palmer, COO, FanFaves
For Enterprises

For Enterprises

Deploy 1043 Labs as your special forces unit to complete internal software projects quickly and professionally, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff.

Our services and engagement models are similar here to those for Investors and Startups, but the common pain points and project runways are often quite different.

Modernization Pain Points

We have a pretty good product, doesn't scale to match rising customer demands, the GUI and API are not up to modern standards, features are missing, our internal development tooling and DevOps environment has fallen out of date, performance has deteriorated, and so on.

Operational Pain Points

My product and service offerings are working well, but I could be doing much better - upgrade and support processes are broken; project workflow and internal tooling are inefficient; in-house communication, tracking, monitoring, and logging processes aren't up to professional standards; etc.

Over time, most enterprises require modernization or operational upgrade efforts of one kind or another. 1043 Labs can refine, revitalize, rework, or re-architect all or part of an existing product line. In addition, updating internal development infrastructure is often a key component of any product modernization strategy, and it is especially common for internal projects of any size to languish for lack of resources.

Sample projects include
  • Migrating from self-hosted servers to a cloud-based and/or SaaS deployment model
  • Application and UI modernizations, which may include new frameworks, updated graphing/charting libraries, "re-skinning," or incorporating modern analytics tools
  • Redesigning the DevOps environment
  • Adding or upgrading APIs, which are often missing or not up to modern standards
  • Re-architecting portions of the product or platform that have become performance bottlenecks
  • Spinning up a new skunkworks project to prototype a new product opportunity, possibly in a new geography
"I had no Engineering team, no Engineering leader, no CTO, no nothing. One phone call with 1043 Labs, and I had them all. It took me five minutes to decide I'd found the right partner, and less than a week to know for sure."
- CEO, Client company currently in stealth mode....