To get your project off to a quick start

1043 Labs has pre-authored a variety of software packages, particularly in the areas of security and user authorization.

These are challenging, time-consuming features to implement in any enterprise-grade system. By deploying our pre-built accelerators where applicable, we're off and running on your project.



Our purpose-built DevOps platform ensures every 1043 Labs project takes a consistent, state-of-the-art approach to infrastructure deployment and management. Continuous Integration (CI), from Day One.

Monolith anchors a cloud-based CI process designed to execute deployments from a secure environment each time the CI platform successfully tests new project submissions. Slack integrations send automated deployment status notices to a specified Slack channel, and an optional Slack Bot lets authorized team members request temporary SSH access to EC2 instances in a pre-established AWS account.

Once configured, a secure, reliable Continuous Integration subsystem streamlines development work and enforces best practices. However, such a system requires advanced knowledge and tooling to erect - and it is often many weeks before a quick-starting project team finds the time and resources to get a worthy CI system in place. On a 1043 Labs project, Monolith goes up right away, conserving precious development resources for the "real" project.


We designed Bastille to store and manage login credentials, access tokens, and other "secrets," which allows us to provide enterprise-grade "at rest" and "in flight" encryption protections for client data stores and data pipelines. Furthermore, Bastille SDKs ensure that all team members write secure software to modern enterprise-grade standards, at every stage of development - no shortcuts.

Freely licensed to development project partners, our authorization and security-related accelerators streamline early-phase development and tick off any number of security-related checkboxes - many of which are routinely postponed "until later, when we have more time." Just like Monolith, Bastille is configured right away on a 1043 Labs project, saving months of development time and expense.

Systems wizard Dave Walter has authored two excellent blog posts that describe Bastille in some detail: Secrets in the Cloud - Part 1 & Part 2



We built a Product Management platform to match our transparent, fast-paced process. Our project partners gain unprecedented access to the 1043 Labs technical team and an innovative approach to project tracking.

We take pride in the logistics of moving a project through the pipeline, from scoping and pricing to planning, tracking, and on-time delivery. No one does this better. Pulsar helps us optimize the process for each project, client, and individual stakeholder. We talk elsewhere about emphasizing DevOps & Best Practices; with Pulsar, we can integrate the formerly “internal” tools, systems, people, and practices with the more overtly client-facing product, road map, and communication layers. All operations become visible, and everyone gets the information they need, when they need it—a simple-sounding key to running successful projects.

Pulsar’s holistic glue also helps us excel in two areas where we have built a reputation for mastery:

  • Project Scoping & Pricing: We excel at project scoping, costing, timing, and resource planning, and we take great pride in summarizing larger projects in a simple format and then making the “big picture” stick. This lets us bid most contracts on a “per project” basis, mitigating the clockwatching obsession—and billing absurdities—universally despised by clients and consultants alike.
  • Speed: We work fast. “DevOps first,” quick infrastructure stand-up, state-of-the-art tool chains, reliable scoping and scheduling, and a stopwatch-averse, milestone-driven philosophy at every level—these all add up to speed.
"I came to 1043 Labs with an idea I had, literally, sketched out on a napkin. They gave my idea shape. They anticipated challenges I hadn't considered, and suggested alternatives I didn't realize were possible. 1043 Labs then turned that knowledge into a working prototype. In short, I gave them an idea; they delivered me a business."
- CEO, Client company currently in stealth mode....