Customer Story

Network Security

Back End, Front End, Operations, & DevOps

Modernize an aging tech stack by choosing AWS infrastructure over on-prem servers and building a modern UI using current web development tooling.

The Client

The Client

A leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS attack protection, on-premises and in the cloud, with comprehensive visibility, analytics, and reporting. DDoS protection solutions mitigate a wide range of attacks all while maintaining the availability of applications and services it is protecting and without disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic.

The Challenge

Top-level challenge: modernize operations. Key sub-tasks:

  • Update security monitoring infrastructure.
  • Optimize network hardware configuration.
  • Bring DevOps up to current best-practice standards.
  • Modernize and unify diverse applications and UIs.

The client and its customers must remain in commercial production mode - no down time.

The client faced problems common to nearly all successful enterprises: scaling, and the relentless march of technology. All systems were functional, supporting numerous high-volume downstream customers, and the client was highly successful, having achieved a top position in an important marketplace. However, cracks had appeared.

Why They Chose 1043 Labs

The Company Cited 1043 Labs' Reputation For Technical Superiority And Operational Excellence - from Scoping And Scheduling, To Architecture And Coding, To Project Management, To Strategic Assistance. For This Project, Key Differentiators Included:

Network Topology, Problems, and Protocols Expertise Network Topology, Problems, and Protocols Expertise

Network Topology, Problems, and Protocols Expertise

Decades of industry experience with both enterprise-grade and "new and nimble" networking problem sets.

AWS Expertise AWS Expertise

AWS Expertise

Familiarity with basic cloud computing concepts is now widespread. Limit-pushing experience with the more sophisticated and more recently released cloud services is not.

Front-End Development Expertise Front-End Development Expertise

Front-End Development Expertise

Top-tier application developers remain in short supply.

Splunk Expertise Splunk Expertise

Splunk Expertise

Splunk is king among log analysis tools, and log data is a foundational data source in a variety of industries, including the sector in play on this project.

Speed Speed


1043 Labs works quickly and efficiently, with a track record of deadline "stickiness" - set a price, set a date, make them stick.

The Solution

Refreshed architecture, updated DevOps environment, and unified application suite. Some highlights and deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Technology Assessment
    Quickly and efficiently - in just a few weeks - assess network infrastructure, config protocols, and distributed multi-audience application architecture. Find some quick wins.
  • Accurate Scoping, Costing, and Scheduling
    A critical, make-or-break step on a project of this complexity. 1043 Labs shines here and was able, once again, to set a price, set a schedule, and make them stick.
  • Modernize DevOps
    Many 1043 Labs projects include DevOps upgrades in the early going, which invariably accelerates the larger project. Emphasis here on refreshing the development environment.
  • Replace Legacy IPC with Modern APIs
    1043 Labs architectures nearly always reflect an "APIs are mandatory!" philosophy, for both external and internal service interactions.
  • Cloud Migration
    Accelerate cloud migration for subsystems that did not previously exist in a cloud-ready state.
  • Front-End Improvements
    1043 Labs' full stack apps team delivered high-visibility upgrades in rapid succession.
  • Splunk Front End
    Our Splunk expertise was very helpful here. Splunk is an outstanding analytics and visualization platform, with deep market penetration, and where it cannot be easily extended to satisfy comprehensive application requirements, 1043 Labs readily integrates Splunk with preferred web and/or application frameworks.

The Results

Success! The company is well on its way to a fully- modernized platform, and they have used technology gains to fortify their top-tier market position. While future- proofing is never complete, cost-effective advances toward that goal confer strong barrier-to-entry advantages.

"Without 1043 Labs, we wouldn't even have known where to start. Our expertise is in network security and that has always been our focus. 1043 Labs was able to help us select and build out the proper infrastructure and front-end tooling for a modern product. This let us focus directly on our unique value add."
- COO, Client